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Statement following the armed robbery and burglary of the home of the GCLWS WA spokesperson

lundi 6 juillet 2020, par Aicha Koné

Global Convergence of Land and Wate rStruggles – West Africa

We the National Platforms of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles in
West Africa (GCLWS WA), representing 15 countries and organizations, are
signatories to this declaration.

Our comrade Massa Kone was targeted in an attack at his home on Friday, Jun22, 2020.

Massa is the spokesperson of the GCLWS WA and No Vox Africa, a member of the international committee of the World Social Forum and part of the coordination for the Right to Food and Nutrition.

We are outraged at this shocking attack on Massa Kone and his family. Six hooded
individuals dressed in military uniforms and carrying firearms entered Massa’s home and vandalized and looted it in the presence of his terrified children.
We condemn this barbaric act against Massa Kone and his family, and warn those who sponsored it and carried it out.

We also give our full support to the victim and express our solidarity with Massa Kone,and with all the activists who have been criminalized in the context of their work indefense of human rights.

Today, an increasing number of activists, like Massa, are being intimidated, kidnapped or killed in the course of their human rights work. This is unacceptable

In each of these instances, we need to react and express our solidarity and our collective strength.

As civil society actors, organizations, movements, and networks, together with partners and allies at national and international level – assert the following :
 We emphasize the seriousness of this action to the Government of Mali. This attack
is reminiscent of a past era and completely unacceptable in a country that claims
to be a democracy. We are concerned that this situation could lead to further
abuses ;

 We invite all human rights defenders, civil society actors, partners and allies at
national and international level to mobilize and challenge the Malian government ;

There fore, we ask the Malian Government :
Statement following the armed robbery and burglary of
the home of the GCLWS WA spokesperson

 To take appropriate measures to protect Massa Kone and his family, and others
who have been persecuted ;
 To open a judicial investigation to ensure that the people responsible for this
aggressive action are held accountable and brought to justice ;

In addition, we seek the support of all diplomatic representations, including sub-
regional, African, and international institutions in Mali. We ask them to demand that the

Malian Government take all the measures necessary to guarantee the safety of human
rights defenders, particularly Massa and his family.
Bamako, June 22, 2020

Contact : Telephone : +223 76 49 03 15 - 66 41 55 86 - 76 17 09 79 –

Signatories :

The Regional Coordination of the GCLWS – WA
National Platforms, Countries of the GCLWS – WA

Alimata Traore, COFERSA

Burkina Faso
Rosalie Ouoba, RESACIFROAT

Mr. Amadou Oumar Dia, ROSA

Côte d’Ivoire
Mme ZEI Pauline, COPAGEN

Gordi Hammadou, PF

The Gambia

Zainab Mohamed, P4RWD

Raymond Commey, ECASARD


Mamadou Maladho Diallo, COPAGEN


Guinea - Bissau
Mamadou N’Djamba N’Diaye,

Sierra Leone
Abbas John Kamara, SILNORF

Ruth N. Gbatoe, CEMESP

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